The Best Side Dishes to Order with Your Taco

Three tacos laid out on a table with sauce.


Batman has Robin, Han Solo has Chewbacca, and where would Michael Scott be without Dwight Schrute? Every legendary leader needs a great sidekick, and tasty tacos are no exception. While tacos are mouth-watering as a standalone dish, there are a handful of sensational sides that only add to the dining experience. Having a hard time choosing? Don’t worry, we all do, but we’re here to help. Here’s a beginners guide to the best taco sides, fresh off of our menu.

Chips and Salsas

We like to think of this side as a chip off the ol’ block… Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but our chips are better than our puns. This shareable side comes with our homemade tortilla chips, accompanied by your choice of three of our salsas. Feeling feisty? Get all five of our salsas for just $3 extra! Roasted tomato, pico de gallo, salsa verde, smoky chipotle, and pineapple habanero all pair perfectly with our chips, but they also taste amazing on our tacos. Nothing goes with tacos quite like the traditional chips and salsa.

Guac with Tacos

The stock on guac has skyrocketed the past few years, but nobody does it better than Gringo’s. We start our homemade guac with the traditional avocado, and throw in some serrano peppers, red onions, tomato, lime, and cilantro. Then, we mash it up into the beautiful concoction we all know as guacamole. Served with a side of our homemade chips, our guac is delicious by itself. However, what makes it one of the best side dishes for tacos is the fact that you can put a dollop on your taco and add another flavor element to your already delicious meal. If you’re feeling adventurous, throw a chip on there to add a nice crunch, too. You can’t go wrong!

Super Cheesy Dip

We’ve seen some pretty bad queso in our day, so we set out to perfect our super cheesy dip. We melt our three-cheese blend, throw it in a dish, and serve it with our homemade chips and a side of pico for some freshness. Kick things up a notch by adding chorizo for $2. What makes this a great side dish for our tacos? Scoop some of our queso dip onto a taco and find out. Enjoy!

Sensational Shrimp Ceviche

Ceviche is one of the most popular dishes worldwide, so it’s no wonder that it pairs so well with tacos. We take our fresh shrimp, poach it in citrus juices, and combine it with tomato, red onion, cilantro, and house tostada. What makes this a great addition to our tacos is the citrusy lime-forward flavor of the shrimp. It counteracts the natural saltiness of our meat-based tacos and creates an insane combination of textures and flavors. Especially recommended for our seafood fans, ceviche may be that little extra zing that you’re looking for.

Poppin’ Off Poppers

We took jalapeno poppers and decided to add a little twist, Gringo’s style. We use whole jalapenos, gut them, and stuff them with chorizo and our blend of cheeses. Then, we top them with some toasted breadcrumbs and drizzle some of our ranch crema right on top. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re also delicious to boot. These poppin’ poppers are exactly what you need to add a little kick to your meal and pair perfectly with any of our homemade tacos.

Late Night Food Near You

Gringo’s is bringing the best tacos and side dishes to the Jersey City and Staten Island areas with our two locations dishing out authentic tacos, delicious drinks, and the best atmosphere around. With the kitchen open until 10pm on weekdays, 9pm on Sundays, and 12am on weekends, make Gringo’s your new late night spot and try any of our shareable sides to go with your meal. Order online from our Jersey City location, or pop in today. Want to host an event? No problem! Contact us today to set up your event or to ask any questions you might have. Open 7 days a week, tacos aren’t just for Tuesday anymore.