7 Reasons Why Brunch is the Best


Why Brunch is the Best Meal

Cheers to the man who invented brunch! Without English writer, Guy Beringer and his inspiration to cure the hangover, we may have never known what “brunch” actually is. Could you imagine a life without brunch? This nineteenth century brilliance has given us a name to everyone’s favorite type of mealtime. Below you’ll find seven reasons why brunch is just simply the best meal.

1. Coffee: Round Two

It’s never a bad time for a second cup of coffee! A necessary part of the morning lies with a cup of Joe, but sometimes one just isn’t enough to get you through the day. Many treat caffeine with the utmost respect and brunch is the perfect opportunity to grab round two!

2. Not Too Early for Drinks

Brunch is the perfect excuse to get your drink on! Drinking in the morning is commonly frowned upon. Those who think the morning is a little too early may be right, but brunch is a beautiful exception! Whether beer or liquor is your go to, don’t be afraid to order. Loosen up and have some fun next time you go to brunch!

3. Eat Whatever You Want

There are no rules during brunch. Brunch is the perfect blend of lunch and breakfast. You can order whatever you want, that’s the best part about it. The variety is unrivaled compared to any other meal. Some restaurants have designated menu’s that strictly abide by the time of day. This is another example of how brunch breaks the food boundaries. No one can say, “No, you’re not allowed to eat tacos this early!” Order dessert first! Get breakfast at 12-noon! Eat that taco and enjoy it! Order whatever your heart desires when you choose to partake in the best meal that ever existed.

4. Two-in-One Meal

Don’t be afraid to go crazy! Stop counting calories and order as much as you please. Brunch is one of the few times where you can eat with your eyes first. You already skipped a meal, so you’ll have to make up for it! Brunch should be a guilt-free experience of deliciously over-indulging food. Think of brunch as meal efficiency. No regrets, right?

5. Relaxed Dress-Code

Brunch doesn’t require any crazy dress code. The point of brunch is to promote a casual, relaxing eating experience. You won’t have to throw on a dress or three-piece suit – unless you want to. You can show up in your work clothes or even from last night’s party. Dress however you’d like and enjoy some great eats.

6. The Perfect Social Gathering

Meeting for brunch is a great opportunity to hang out with friends. What’s better than friends, food, drinks and good conversation? That question was rhetorical, because nothing is better! Scheduling brunch with friends allows you to enjoy each other’s company in mutual meeting place.

7. Weekend Remedy

Have you had a long weekend? Brunch is the perfect remedy for a hangover. When you wake up from a long night out, it’s probably late in the morning and you’re suffering from a bad headache. You’re probably just really dehydrated, but your mind and body is craving nothing but food. Since you woke up late, it’s primetime for brunch. Order some comfort food that’s guaranteed to cure your hangover so you can get on with your day.

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